Statuary which can hold water (fountains, birdbaths, etc.) should be covered or moved indoors during the winter months.

Painted statuary should be resealed at least every other year. This will help protect your finish for a longer period of time.

Statuary that is more than one piece (benches, fountains, birdbaths, etc.) should be epoxied together. This will help prevent small children from knocking an upper piece onto themselves.

Statuary that holds a glass gazing globe, we suggest putting a small amount of pipers putty where the globe meets the statue. This will keep the wind from blowing your globe to the ground. The globe can easily be removed as well.

Broken statuary can be fixed by placing a two part epoxy to the broken pieces and reattaching them. Try to lay the piece on its side if the broken piece sticks out from the statue.

If you purchase plain statuary that you would like to paint yourself, we recommend using Smith Paints concrete paints. You may view their site by clicking HERE. If you need to do a touch up on a painted piece that you purchased from us, please contact for a correct color match.