The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo contacted us about a project they had in mind. They had several logs in the ground near the entrance area that mother nature had taken it’s toll on. The logs had been placed in the ground years ago to keep cars out. They wanted something that would be more permanent but still fit in with their current theme.

Look Real

Should look realistic and fit in with the current theme.

Feel Real

To the touch, should feel like a real tree.

How real is it?

Could we reproduce what they were looking for? That photo is a log right? Or is it?? Look below…

No, These Are Solid Concrete Logs…

They now cast these logs in concrete with rebar for placement. Thirty eight inches tall and eighteen inch diameter. Every little knot, chain saw mark, even little bug holes. Once these are color finished, would you have known by looking at them or feeling them? Bet you wouldn’t have…
(click the photo to enlarge)

“They turned out awesome!!! They are really detailed.”

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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