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Thank you for visiting our Etsy Shop – USA Made Latex Molds. From time to time we will be offering a monthly mold giveaway to buyers visiting our Etsy Shop. There is no purchase necessary to enter our giveaways. The only limitation to our giveaway is you must be a Etsy Shopper that lives in the USA. Any mold in our giveaways is shipped for FREE to the winner.

What’s involved?

Enter our giveaway and you will be added to our Etsy Shop only newsletter. The newsletter will only contain information about new molds that we are adding in our Etsy shop. There is a simple link in any newsletter that you receive that you can “unsubscribe” from.

How it works? 
Sign up for our giveaway on this page and you are entered into our giveaway. To get more entries in our giveaway, simply select from the options listed in the giveaway, which include sharing our Etsy shop to your friends by email or by sharing the giveaway link in your social media pages. Social media entry options will appear once you register for the giveaway. The more entries you get, the better the odds.

USA Made LATEX Molds


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If you are visiting this page and only want to signup for our Etsy Shop newsletter, please use the form on the right. Our Etsy Shop newsletter contains only information about new molds as we list them on our Etsy Shop. In any of the emails you receive from our newsletter, there is a simple “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.


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