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As many of you know, our retail lot was closed this season (2023), aside from made to order selections. For the 2024 season, we will be having a grand re-opening for our retail lot. Many new changes are being made for 2024. We will no longer be offering wholesale statuary, all of our statuary will be available by retail only. We have many new items to add to our website as well. With over 1000 items now, many things are not listed on our site. We will be making many changes over this winter, to include all of the items we offer. Due to so many things going on and having only the two of us running the business, wholesale killed us. With our focus being changed to retail, we hope to return all of our customers to our retail lot. Bigger and better for 2024!

Broken Statuary

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Visit your local hardware store. You are looking for a product called two part epoxy made by LocTite. Check the package and make sure it covers “concrete”

General Statuary Questions

I have a broken statue, can you fix it?C
Protecting Concrete statues during the winter.C
Different ways of finishing your statuary.C
Where to purchase gazing globes.C

More than likely, we sure can. Provided the piece isn’t destroyed and you understand, time is money, we have done hundreds of repairs. The first thing to understand is we would need the piece and we are in New York…

While anything is better if it doesn’t freeze, concrete statuary that can hold water, must be either turned over or covered with a tarp. Statuary that can hold water is at risk of freeze/thaw. When water freezes, it expands, which will cause your statue to break.

The videos to the right will help explain if you are wanting to paint your statuary. Other finish options include staining. There are numerous videos available on YouTube that will help you stain your statuary if that is the look you are trying to accomplish.

Numerous retailers offer gazing globes. For a wide selection, we suggest shopping Amazon. Double check the location of the dealer, make sure they are not located in CHINA or your wait time will get you into winter before you ever receive it.

General Questions About Us

Do you offer delivery?C
Do you offer shipping?C
Are the pieces heavy?C

At this time, we no longer offer delivery.

There are very few of our items that would be realistic to ship. Due to the weight of concrete, shipping costs are higher than the cost of the piece itself. For instance, an 18″ square stepping stone, that is 2″ thick, weighs 52 pounds. Visit USPS, type in 13145 and your zip code to see what it would cost to ship just a stepping stone.
That you can count on. All of our items are SOLID CONCRETE, we do not cast light weight or hollow concrete. An 18″ square stepping stone weighs 52 pounds. Our huge gargoyle weighs 300 pounds. Our huge tiki planter weighs 900 pounds. For a realistic example, there is a reason why you don’t pick up and move your sidewalks

Painting Concrete Statuary

The following two videos will get you in the right direction.
Video credits to [ Concrete Keepsakes by Tammy ]

View More Videos On YouTube

Painted VS. Plain

Not only does painting your statue add an additional protection coat to your statue, the detail is drastically more visible. Slide the center bar on the photo to compare.

Planning Makes Perfect

Just like art in the home, art in a garden will be a focal point, so several factors come into play.

Remember, statues are three-dimensional, so you won’t view it only head-on. When choosing a location, look for an area that can be seen from multiple angles, or consider an entry point to your garden or home.

Plants shouldn’t overwhelm the statue or prevent people from seeing it in the garden. Clip back foliage if it becomes profuse, consider which seasons you’ll see blooms, and figure out whether year-round leaves will block any part of your statue.


You want good lighting if your statue is the center point of your garden. Re-arrange solar lighting at night to ensure you achieve the exact look you desire for night time.

When placing birdbaths, make sure you choose a low traffic area, with lots of flowers near by. Birds are attracted to a variety of flowers. Placing your birdbath in a high traffic area will keep birds from even considering to stop.

If you are purchasing statuary for the cemetery, we highly suggest that you contact the cemetery before making your purchase. Every cemetery has different rules and regulations as to what is allowed and not allowed.

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