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Dirty Birdz™ Birdhouse

Dirty Birdz™ Birdhouse

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About This Product

Dirty Birdz™ Birdhouses
Measurements: 9″ tall x 5″ diameter
Opening 1.25″
Your choice of 3 colors


All Dirty Birdz™ Birdhouses are custom order, please allow an additional four days to shipping time for production. You must select a minimum of 2 colors and a maximum of 3 colors.
These birdhouses are cast in stoneware and then finished in a “dirty pour” finish.
A dirty pour is a combination of different colors which is poured over the piece. With some turning and twisting, you end up with some really cool color combinations.

Each color combines with the other colors, making a very unique color combination. No two will every look alike due to color combinations and how they are turned.

While we will have some of these on-hand already finished, you can order a color combination that you would like your dirty bird done in. Keep in mind, the colors will blend together, so be sure to pick colors that will blend and make unique shades.


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