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Concrete Grapevine Cross Statue

Concrete Grapevine Cross Statue

Concrete Grapevine Cross Statue, a wonderful garden, porch, or patio accent. Hand cast concrete statue, made in the USA. Available in several finishes or finish your own, with helpful ideas located HERE. You can also find more great finishing ideas by following this LINK.

All of our pieces are hand cast at our Sandy Creek location. You can purchase retail statuary at our location or from one of our dealer locations listed HERE

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*Due to the weight of statuary, we do not ship statuary outside of NY State. Max statuary shipping weight within NY State is 25 lbs.


Solid Concrete Casting

Available Finishes

Natural Concrete, Stained Concrete, Two Color Drybrush, Detail Painted

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Stain Finishes

Acid Stains react with the minerals in your concrete to physically change the color of your concrete. They create a colored translucent, variegated and sometimes marbleized effect.

No two statues will ever color exactly the same; the texture of concrete and age affect final color appearance. The translucence of stain also allows the many unique characteristics of the statue to show through.

Available Stain Finishes

Two Color Drybrush Finishes

Our two color drybrush finishes consist of a base coat color and a top color. Generally our base coat is done in black, with a secondary color over the top.

The base color sits down inside the deepest detail. While the secondary coat, mainly glides over the surface. This effect draws all of the detail out in the statue.

Available Two Color Drybrush Finishes

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