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Latex Mother Rabbit Mold

Latex Mother Rabbit Mold

About This Product


Latex Mother Rabbit Mold
8″ long x 5 1/2″ wide x 7″ tall

Material: commercial grade latex

all molds are made to order– this way we can provide you with the highest quality items at the best prices.
Please allow additional time to shipping: 10 days for small orders (up to 5 molds),
Up to 14 days for bigger orders (5 molds and above)

About This Mold

Our molds are made from commercial grade latex. Please read measurements before making purchase. This is the latex mold only, there is no fiberglass backup shell on these molds.

For a mold release, pour 3oz of castor oil into a 24oz spray bottle. Fill the remainder on the bottle with rubbing alcohol. Do not use any other type of oil in a latex mold.

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