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Latex Molds For The Hobbyist And Commercial Castor

USA Made Latex Molds

All of our molds are made right here in the U.S.A.

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We have discontinued the concrete statuary line of our business until 2025. Our complete mold line will soon be available on our website.

Latex Molds For All Levels Of Concrete & Plaster Casting

25 years of experience

We have been making concrete molds for over 25 years. We cover every level of concrete casting. From small statuary molds used by concrete hobbyists, to large commercial molds used by restoration masonry contractors.

Whether you’re new to casting concrete statuary or your restoration company just cannot find that exact precast piece needed, we can help.

Are you new to casting? Check out our blog section or our FAQ page for helpful tips

More then 25 years of experience

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Are you new to casting statuary?

Latex only molds for the DIYer or those new to casting

Animal Latex Only Molds

Dragon Latex Only Molds

Skull Latex Only Molds

Gnome Latex Only Molds

Latex Molds With Fiberglass Mother Mold

Commercial Production Molds

With a strong fiberglass mother mold, these molds are made for the daily wear and tear of a casting company. We use only commercial grade latex on these molds and they are supported with a fiberglass mother mold.

Commercial Molds

This section of molds are made for concrete casting companies. These production molds are built strong for production purposes.

Commercial Angel Molds

Commercial Gargoyle Molds

Commercial Stone Molds

Commercial Flower Pot Molds

Commercial Animal Molds

Commercial Garden Molds

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Not quite into commercial casting yet?

Take the next step up from latex only molds

So, you have gone from casting latex only molds and are ready for the next step. Maybe you’ve tried latex only molds and your having trouble but have a strong drive to keep pushing along with casting.

This section of our concrete molds come made with an ABS mother mold. What’s a mother mold? A mother mold is and outer shell that supports the latex mold. The mother mold holds the shape of the latex mold while casting. No need to cast this type of mold in a bucket of sand, the ABS mother mold will support the latex and hold the shape true to its design. ABS mother molds are less expensive than the fiberglass commercial molds.

ABS Mother Molds these molds are a latex mold with a light-weight ABS backup shell. No need to cast in sand.

Stone Cold Creations

Latex Only Molds

Latex/ABS Molds

Latex/Fiberglass Molds

Custom Commercial Molds

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